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L & D Mail Masters’ virtual Treasurers conference was a huge success

January 29, 2021
L & D Mail Masters Account Executive property tax printing for county treasurers
L & D Mail Masters account executive Jolanda Worrall participates in the 11th annual Indiana County Treasurers and Deputies Virtual Meeting & Training Session.

Although teams from the Indiana counties weren’t able to visit the L & D Mail Masters campus in person, a productive virtual meeting provided plenty of discussion about the upcoming tax season. We know property tax printing season can be stressful for counties, but with L & D Mail Masters’ attention to detail, teams can lean on our staff to produce a trustworthy execution of printing and mailing statements.

Coming together on screen proved to be a great success Jan. 28 when the 11th annual Indiana County Treasurers and Deputies Virtual Meeting & Training Session was hosted by L & D Mail Masters.

L & D Mail Masters’ services to county treasurers start with knowledge of the industry. Our team, including account executives Kim Schmidt and Jolanda Worrall, routinely stay informed of changes in laws, requirements, and guidelines when it comes to property tax statement printing and preparation. Their strong relationship with the Indiana State Treasurer’s office assures our team remains educated on up-to-date changes.

A perk of working with L & D Mail Masters is the ability to handle all aspects of what goes into the final envelope to taxpayers. Our state-of-the-art print shop can handle high volumes of envelope printing of all sizes, most commonly 9×12 and standard 4.125×9.5 (No. 10 window) envelopes. We also excel in printing the tax statements and the most up-to-date TS-1A statements.

As many of us learned in 2020, the year wasn’t normal. Thrust in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, L & D Mail Masters was able to work with treasurers on ways to communicate additional information to constituents. Added to the lexicon to treasurers was “buckslip.” On short notice, the staff at L & D Mail Masters worked with treasurers to create cost-efficient slips of paper to relay important messages. Many chose to pass along limiting in-person payments, thus encouraging methods of payment to slow and prevent the spread of the virus.

Meeting virtually was new as well, with the limiting of large gatherings, moving the discussions between the L & D Mail Masters team and treasurers to online. The chat feature created plenty of discussion and pleasantries including welcoming new treasurers.

Our communication doesn’t stop with the state or counties. Contact with data vendors is key to flawless execution. Experienced data and programming specialist at L & D Mail Masters provides added technical support for your property tax printing.

Rebecca Crecelius, programmer at L & D Mail Masters, said her team is a liaison between treasurers and the data vendors.

The emcee for the event was Jill Peden who was joined by Diane Fischer (President), Sheree Byrd (VP of Technology), Kim Schmidt (Account Executive), Jolanda Worrall (Account Executive) and Rebecca Crecelius (Programmer).

If you have further questions or want to schedule a tour, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kim or Jolanda!


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