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Direct Mail

Why choose L & D Mail Masters for your marketing needs?

Since 1986, L & D Mail Masters has been trusted to plan, design, and execute mail campaigns for a wide array of clients. As a direct mail marketing firm & mail and print shop, we provide data-driven communications solutions in a secure environment while offering exceptional one-on-one mail services.

What kind of direct mail marketing does L & D do?

From custom fliers to invitations to mailers to postcards, L & D Mail Masters is equipped and ready to create your direct marketing campaign.

New Albany Floyd County Back to School direct mail
Back to School Direct Mail Postcard



closed envelope icon representing how there are no unsubscribes with direct mail marketing

In short, repetition breeds results. There is no prompt to unsubscribe written on pieces of mail. There is no question of single, double, triple opt-ins. Spam filters don’t exist. Hundreds of daily emails are scrolled past or deleted without a second thought. Because of this, direct mailing is a great way to get the attention of more potential customers. Overall, it is the best way to get attention.


quill and paper icon representing creative freedom from direct marketing

Flexibility with creating various types of mailers – flyers, postcards, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, letters, packages – can go a long way to cementing a brand. This is because the feel of direct mail is authentic with a variety of folds, quality paper stocks, and dimensional inks.


headshot icon representing the personal nature of direct marketing

Highly targeted send list with direct mail has a lasting impact. Add personalization with dynamic content including first names or other personal information to catch the eyes of your target. Overall, people are eager to read mail. This is especially true if it’s personalized.


open envelope and letter icon representing how direct mail is opened

82% of enclosed mail (envelope, folded, and sealed) is opened. That’s significantly more than the average email open rate. Because of this, direct mail is a great way to reach your target audience. Additionally, the average time a piece of mail stays with someone is about two weeks, a far cry from swiping to the trash bin.

Not quite sure if you’re headed in the right direction for your next direct marketing campaign? Don’t worry. Give an L & D Mail Masters specialist a call right now at 812-981-7161 or follow the flow chart below to put your mind at ease. Remember, mail marketing is our job and we’re just a call away!

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