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Recipe for the Perfect Direct Mail Piece

July 2, 2019
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Many people use the internet to fetch recipes to drum up in the kitchen. We’re giving the people what they want, but this time it’s the recipe for the ultimate direct mail piece. In short, this piece will convert on your call to action.


Targeted mailing list

Valuable call-to-action


Personalized note

Plan to follow-up with another piece

L & D Mail Masters


Firstly, It all begins with a targeted and up-to-date mailing list. If your piece is stellar, it won’t matter if it is not getting in front of the right people. Additionally, you don’t want to waste postage on pieces that will not get in the hands of your targeted audience, right? With our listserv vendors, we guarantee a relevant and refreshed targeted mailing list for your direct mail campaign.

Call to Action

Always drive your audience to take action. Whether it’s getting them to your website or calling a sales representative, if you don’t ask them to do anything they won’t. If you include an offer in your direct mail piece—depending on the industry in which you’re in—your call-to-action will simply be a sales conversion.


Personalized direct mail pieces are all the rage! According to Canon Solutions, adding a person’s name and full color in the direct mail can increase response by as much as 135%. Canon also reports that adding a person’s name, full color and more sophisticated database information can increase the response rate by up to 500% vs not doing any of these things. Wow! Make your targeted audience feel special. make them feel like they are your only customer. Look at the numbers, it truly makes the world of difference.

Repetition is Key in Direct Mail

According to Compu-Mail, it can take up to 18-20 touchpoints to reach a customer for the first time. But do not be discouraged. Make sure you reach your audience multiple times in different ways to convert them into a customer.

Finally, you need L & D Mail Masters to complete the recipe. In short, a company that will relate, captivate, cultivate and resonate with your target audience. We are a company that is SOC2 certified and we guarantee to keep your data secure. L & D Mail Masters is also a certified WBENC. If you’d like to follow our process, just read this blog. Still not quite sold? Find out what customers had to say about our direct mail recipe and read the reviews below.

Reviews- Why L & D for Direct Mail

Amazing and consistently excellent service offered with a smile.

L&D Mail Masters is the best printing company I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past twenty years. Thank you for all that you do!”

-Beverly Forehand

“L & D Mail Masters gives back to the community constantly. I can’t imagine our community without L & D Mail Masters. Keep up the good work in all you do.”

-Doug Drake

One thing I really appreciate and admire is the owner who is constantly out on the production floor instead of hiding in an office…she will even roll up her sleeves and work along side of us when we are really busy…that is awesome!”

-Joy M


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