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Meet a Mail Piece; Follow Its Journey

March 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered how a simple idea turns into an actual piece of mail? Of course, a graphic designer lays it out and it is printed. But I mean, have you ever thought about every process that goes into that piece of direct mail? At L & D Mail Masters, we handle to process from beginning to end. Just watch; this is a day in the life of a direct mail piece.

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The process starts by you, the client, calling one of our customer service representatives. They pick your brain to find out what your vision is, and what exactly your company’s goals are. So you both have agreed on a 6 x 11 two-sided colored postcard. These will be mailed to 500 residents in a half a mile radius of your business. The customer service representative gets off the phone and works up a quote. Just an hour later, you approve the quote and the full process begins.

As the data department begins working on the addresses, to get the most of your 500-count mailer, the graphic design department begins designing and formatting a unique postcard. Don’t worry; the graphics department does not need to be told to stand out in the mailbox. It’s a given at L & D Mail Masters. We know there is competition in the box, and we’re prepared.

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Within hours, our data is complete—even the National Change of Address—and we are able to send you a proof from the graphics department. We also pride ourselves in having you work with just one employee your entire partnership. So, the same customer service representative you spoke to before will be the same one who reaches out to you for approval. You don’t like the phrase? No problem, that’s an easy fix. We will send this one edit back to the graphics department and your proof will be ready, again, for approval.

Now, you’ve signed off. The file is sent to our Canon i300. Within an hour the postcards are printed and cut and ready to be sent through our in-house United States Postal Service Detached Mail Unit. Boom! Done, everything is created and executed right under one roof. No need to juggle multiple vendors, contact L & D Mail Masters to create a eye-popping piece of direct mail today!


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