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Branded Promotional Products Spotlight

July 5, 2023
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One of the remarkable products we provide is our range of Branded Promotional Products. These products play a crucial role in shaping your marketing strategy, serving as valuable and effective tools. To gain insights into their significance and how we guarantee exceptional quality and service, I interviewed one of our Account Executives, Candace Keller, who specializes in our Branded Promotional Products (Or Branded Promo, for short). We dive into their importance and I learned about the measures she takes to ensure that you receive nothing but the best of the best.

What role do branded promotional products play in a company’s marketing strategy? 

“Promotional Items are a large part of a successful marketing strategy. Promotional items are a great way to target your audience and create a strong brand awareness and loyalty.” 

How can Branded Promo effectively enhance brand visibility and customer engagement? 

“Branded Promo Items are literally walking billboards for your brand. When customers use or wear your Branded Promo, it increases your visibility to others.” 

What are some popular trends or innovative ideas in the world of Branded Promo that businesses should consider to stand out from their competitors? 

“New technology and Eco-friendly items are very popular. Technology is constantly changing and the companies that are embracing new tech are thriving.  Eco-friendly items are always a good idea for anyone, it is better for the consumer and the planet!”

Do we offer anything other companies do not? 

“I can source over 1 million Branded Promo Items. I also have great relationships with countless vendors, which helps me obtain rare items and get faster production times.”

How do you approach understanding a client’s brand and target audience to recommend the most suitable promotional products for their marketing goals? 

“I do extensive research and have lots of conversations with my clients to get a better understanding of their current and long-term goals. Once I know their end goal, I can pinpoint their targeted audience and suggest items that will directly reach that audience.” 

How often do you suggest products, or are clients more likely to come to you with an idea already in mind? 

“I am always looking forward. When I find a new product, I share what I know with clients that the item would best fit. It is important to always have a new item to talk about, even when the client reaches out to you first.” 

In the digital era, why do you believe branded promotional products continue to hold value and remain an effective marketing tool? 

“Did you know that studies show people are almost 2.5 times more likely to think positively about a tangible Promo item versus a digital ad? I firmly believe that people will always prefer something they can touch, feel, or use over a digital ad.”  

What advice would you give to businesses looking to incorporate eco-friendly or sustainable promotional products into their marketing strategy? Are there any popular sustainable options available? 

“I would tell them they are headed in the right direction. More and more companies are moving toward eco-friendly and sustainable products. They are better for our environment and a longer lasting advertisement tool for your brand. There are several great brand options such as Parkland, Threadfast, and Econscious to name a few.”

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the promotional products industry? Can you provide examples of how you have applied these insights to benefit your clients? 

“I read a lot of the industry publications. There are great articles about current and future trends from producers and consumers of the Branded Promo world. Also, attending events is a great way to get out and see what companies are offering. Events are a chance to speak with leaders in the industry and get feedback on what is and is not trending and what they expect to see soon. When I understand what the next trend will be I get to work sharing with my clients. That way my clients can current and not get lost in the crowd!” 

What are some common challenges you encounter when developing a branded promotional products strategy, and how do you overcome them to deliver successful outcomes for clients? 

“Budget constraints can be a common challenge, but this is an easy obstacle to overcome. I suggest a suitable substitute that is budget friendly while still showcasing the clients’ brand.”

How important is customization and personalization in the world of branded promotional products? Can you share any examples of how tailoring products to individual clients’ needs has made a difference? 

“Customization is very important for a marketing campaign. Customization helps highlight my clients brand directly to their targeted audience, who are more likely to become customers. Personalization helps my client’s organization retain customers, build trust, and stay relevant. My clients who choose to give a more personalized item tend to have a better return rate.”

What sets your approach to selling Branded Promotional items apart from others in the industry? How do you ensure a seamless and positive experience for your clients? 

“My knowledge base and relationship with my clients. I stay very current and aware of the industry, and I make personal connections with my clients, which helps me tailor to their exact needs. I make sure that I go above and beyond for my clients. My clients are not ordering on a website, they order directly through me, which means they get great customer service, and I can handle any inconveniences on the back end so it never touches them.”

Candace has been working with L & D Masters for 4 years and is a master at creating Branded Promotional Product tactics that will succeed. 

If you’re interested in getting Branded Promotional Products of your own, contact us today! 


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