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June 20, 2023

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 Are you stressed about sending variable letters to your clients? Do they feature personal information that, according to HIPPA or other laws, must remain confidential? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, L & D Mail Masters can offer peace of mind with our smart inserting technology and SOC II Securities.

We start with your database. Confidential or not, the database is enhanced with the information that is needed to communicate with our smart inserters. This enhanced database is what is referred to as a Mail Run Data File (MRDF). This is done using programs in our data department. A 2D barcode is created for each piece and attached to the print files. Within this barcode, it tells a story. It tells our machines what job number it’s associated with, what record number within the job it is, how many pages the record has, and the name and address of the person that piece belongs to. 

When the piece is printed, the barcode is printed as well. We use a state-of-the-art full color inkjet press. This press specializes in high speed, duplex, variable digital printing. The 2D barcode that was added earlier keep all the pieces in the correct order as they’re being processed. 

Once the pieces have been printed, they are then run through our high-speed smart inserters. During this process, scanners are communicating to our computers the history of the printed barcodes. This communication follows the movement of every piece back to the enhanced database. This allows us to track and verify that each piece was inserted into the correct envelope. This is particularly helpful when matching variable names to variable envelopes, giving you peace of mind that your client got the correct letter and envelope address to them. 

This entire process is ideal for sensitive documents like health insurance, banking, and secure statements. L & D Mail Masters prides itself in the security and accessibility of our MRDF processes. 

Have questions about the MRDF process, or are you interested in using our services? Contact one of our Sales Executives today!


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