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April 12, 2023

Tired of waiting in long lines at the Post Office? Frustrated with or confused by the pages of documentation required to send bulk mailings? Have no fear! Let the L & D Mail Masters postal experts handle your direct mailing needs. 

One of the many benefits of using L & D Mail Masters for your Direct Mail needs includes our ability to ship USPS directly from our facility. This saves you or your client, time, money, and confidence that your pieces are going directly where they need to be. 

I asked our Postal Production Lead what it takes to get these pieces out on to those oh-so familiar mail trucks, and here’s what they had to share. 

From Our Facility to Your Target Audiences’ Mailbox

After the pieces have been manufactured in our Campaign Head Quarters, they get delivered to our fulfillment facility just across the street.  Once there, our Postal Liaison does a quality assurance double-check of the mail pieces and postage for each project.

When this check is complete, a report is sent internally for review, to keep the team in the loop and the process running smoothly. At this time, a preliminary report is sent to our Post Office contacts, allowing them to ensure that they have the trucking capacity scheduled for our facility on the projected mailing date.

Once the postage has been cleared by our Postal Lainson and the Post Office, the entire job is imported into a software that does a check of all the backend processing that a postal clerk at the Post Office would normally do manually. This step allows the pieces to go directly from our facility to the Post Office trucks, shortening the time it takes for the mail to get to your target audience. The mailings are finalized during this process, and the final documentation is printed. 

As one final check, a small batch is scanned in by the Post Office to check that all USPS standards and procedures have been met before leaving our facility.

L & D Mail Masters’ process is designed to ensure that every single piece that we handle has the ability get exactly where it needs to go in a timely manner. Don’t stress, and allow L & D Mail Masters to do what it does best!

Interested in allowing us to handle your bulk mailing needs? 

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