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February 1, 2023

Hello! My name is Samantha McAfee, and I’ve been a Graphic Designer here at L & D Mail Masters for 6 months. I started at the end of August 2022. I am from and live in Corydon, Indiana, not too far from L & D. I am married with no kids, but I have three lovely and troublesome cats, Furlo, Josephine, and Dorian. When I’m not designing in the digital world, I enjoy reading, writing fiction, watching Jurassic Park, playing video games, and all sorts of art and crafting. 

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art that I received from Hanover College in 2016. My focus at first was ceramics and any sort of art that I could physically get my hands on, but I took a graphic design course that changed my idea of digital art rather quickly. 

I’d fallen in love with the digital art and design world. It was so different from anything I had done before, and I found it incredibly rewarding. InDesign quickly became one of my favorite programs to use. To this day, I am still learning new things. 

After school, I worked at O’Bannon Woods State Park before I interviewed at a UPS franchise store. It was there that I learned how to mail and ship, and how to print. I was taught how to print and finish the works I designed, and to me, the digital then became physical. It was truly the best of both worlds. Learning prepress processing was just as rewarding as holding the completed pieces in my hands. 

I then had the opportunity to run my own small business for a few years, which was a challenge all in its own. But it gave me good experience as I began to work for a tried-and-true print shop. It was the invaluable experiences I gained there that eventually prepared and led me directly to L & D Mail Masters. Being surrounded by like-minded people who also have a passion for print has been such a blessing, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds.


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