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November 9, 2022

It’s not uncommon to hear unfamiliar voices as I work. Our Account Executives proudly show off all we have to offer, to their clients regularly. “This is our data department as well as our graphic design department where all of your artwork and data files are prepared and processed for printing.” I turn and put on a big smile as we are introduced, answer any questions if needed, and go about my work. 

Tours are essential for our client/company relationship. They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but our company tours are worth more than 1,000 pictures.

Giving a client or potential client a tour of our company strengthens the relationship between them and their Account Executive. As they explore our facility, questions and comments come up and are easier to talk about face to face instead of on the phone or through emails. New ideas are sparked, and conversations go beyond the current client need. Questions are asked that probably wouldn’t come up in everyday conversation like, “How many sheets can this printer run?” or “How many pieces of mail are produced in a day?”

Tours allow our company to speak for itself. The story of our start and growth are proudly hung on our walls and our smiling employee faces speak mountains about us. As you walk around our Production floor you’ll notice the cleanliness of our materials, machines, and workspaces. Each employee takes pride in their area, and it shows.

Showing our clients around our company is a crucial opportunity for our business. Not only does it market our services, but it also markets our people. A tour allows our client to see exactly what’s happening on the back side of their projects, which in turn, builds trust and a deeper relationship with us. 

Exterior of L & D Mail Masters

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