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Streamlining Healthcare Statements & Marketing

December 28, 2020
Healthcare Statement Processing

Medical offices – big and small – can get overwhelmed with a single copy machine or printer working overtime (and probably well past due maintenance). They are waiting to blow through another toner which the office is out of. Maybe it’s the inconsistent envelope inventory and an overall drag of keeping up with to-print lists that causes angst. Delivering healthcare statements is no easy task.

Imagine a time where folding, stuffing and sealing healthcare information and bills was left to someone else?

If you don’t want to feel “past due” in the healthcare industry when it comes to mailing information and/or bills, streamline the work through a print service industry. L & D Mail Masters can do the tedious work so you don’t have to.

Offering 100-percent automation to tailor the needs of your field, printing and mailing can be done in an affordable way to keep patients up-to-date.

From a business perspective, the near 35 years of printing and mailing expertise of L & D Mail Masters streamlines print jobs of all sizes. From hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, dental and other medical agencies, reducing the costs associated through printing documents can provide not only savings, but ease of tension. Imagine focusing more on what goes on inside your practice while the printing, mailing and stamping is left to a trusted partner? The result can be a much more smoothing office culture where growth can continue in all forms.

What to print?

The scope of capabilities is vast at L & D Mail Masters. We develop and process every type of document relating to healthcare. These include patient billing/statements, patient letters/notices, informational inserts to bills, explanation of coverages/benefits booklets, tri-fold educational pieces and much more.

We can be much more than a statement processing partner. Think of the communication benefits with your patients as you develop retention and trust.

From the Patient Perspective

When a statement comes in the mail, there is no need to skip that e-mail or wonder if it survived the junk box. Delivery by mail ensures a statement or relevant information will be in the hand of your targeted recipient.

Printed items serve as great reminders. Magnets still get a use on most refrigerators, which is where printed information keeps one on schedule. Try hanging a PDF on the refrigerator. Good luck with that.

Think about how many emails you scroll through each day and how many envelopes you get in the mail. You aren’t going to swipe to delete a letter from a medical office if it lands in your home mailbox.

Plus, not everyone is tech savvy. Just because you may be a millennial, don’t expect the baby boomers or all the Gen-X crowd to instantly know how to navigate the digital world. Maybe a key is needed if one has a PO Box, but there is no need to remember passwords to rip open an envelope.

Security & Reliability

L & D Mail Masters goes through countless checks to match the right information to the correct client, address and envelope. Data-sensitive documents are handled with great care, privacy and confidentiality within our SOC 2 Type II facility.

High-speed printing utilizes barcode technology to track each document. Alongside our state-of-the-art machines is the expert staff of L & D Mail Masters going through continual quality checks.

Design, Data & Programming

Customized Statement Processing Example
Statements can be customized to your brand, logo and color

A talented team of professionals can implement customizable programming to suit the needs of your healthcare statement needs. Be it billing or patient information, data and programming can be designed to begin the automation processes.

On top of the statement processing, full color designs can bring an added pop to your statements. In-house graphic design team members at L & D Mail Masters can offer ideas to create appealing statements of your brand.

That’s not all – Marketing Materials too!

The healthcare industry heavily relies on a variety of printed products. Offering a one-stop-shop, L & D Mail Masters brings more to the table than just healthcare statement processing.

Our account executives can help execute and plan marketing materials such as:


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