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Utilize direct mail to send masks/PPE

September 17, 2020

As of early September, 34 states have mandated wearing a face-covering in public places. While each state is different in its message and requirements, the more broad approach to combat the Coronavirus continues to be the recommendation of wearing a mask when out and about. It’s easy to use direct mail to send masks and PPE from your brand.

Several national chain retailers have taken action by making wearing a mask mandatory for their consumers. Schools and businesses are also making masks a requirement.

Needless to say, we all need one.

Direct mail opportunity

Meaningful connections can be made with masks as a marketer. One thoughtful way to keep your brand in front of clients is to send out face masks and/or other PPE-related items through direct mail. PPE is a promotional item per se, but the reach can be heartfelt in regard to promoting health and safety. Health is a massive selling point.

Masks can be sent through direct mail to clients and prospects.
Masks can be sent through direct mail with the assistance of L & D Mail Masters.

With more people at home, the opportunity to combine direct mail with PPE, specifically a face covering, is a golden promotional opportunity.

Clients have taken advantage of the market to utilize direct mail to get masks to who they want to target. It may be employees, students, clients, and/or customers. L & D Mail Masters is the educated resource to guide success when thinking of shipping PPE orders. Thus far in 2020, we’ve proudly fulfilled over 1.2 million masks for clients.

L & D Mail Masters is Here to Help

To send packaged masks, depending on size, L & D Mail Masters can assist on which type and size envelopes to utilize. Within that envelope is an opportunity to send a postcard, letter or note to the person receiving the delivery. All can be customizable from the envelope to the message and the mask itself.

Theme parks, movie theaters, restaurants and other public places aren’t overflowing with people. Staying home as much as possible is recommended by health experts and leaders. The mailbox hasn’t moved, which remains a fantastic way to make a lasting connection.

Traditionally, the popular promotional items are pens, water bottles, lanyards, sunglasses and more. Now, the most requested items include face masks, neck gaiters, hand sanitizers and no touch tools. No timetable is out there on when the Covid-19 crisis will be under control or a vaccine found, but unity remains in finding a vaccine.

Masks are in demand

The demand of masks and gaiters has spiked as more states make wearing them mandatory. Many grade schools to universities require students to don the protection too.

Expanding on direct mail, options aren’t limited to just envelopes. Care boxes create a more diverse chance to send additional items and materials.

Within these shipping boxes – which can be of different sizes and styles – you can ship PPE essentials. Among the most popular items include a mask, hand sanitizer, tissues, no-touch tools, and sanitizing kits.

Same with staples like pens and cups, imprints are offered to be applied to PPE supplies.

Extend your logo and branding reach with the assistance of L & D Mail Masters. Execute a positive mailing opportunity can be in one location. Reach out for more information.


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