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July 15, 2020
summer show up

L & D Mail Masters highlights 2020 Summer Show Up Non-Profits

As weeks passed by during the early months of the Coronavirus situation, L & D Mail Masters began to think of ways to give back to the local community. How can we help those in need?

Immediately our hearts thought of the Non-Profit organizations who use our services to provide communications with their donors and supporters. As many people were quarantined at home, Non-Profits realized mailers were a great source to reach out during the early stages of the pandemic.

non-profit giving

Some elected to send postcards or letters with a donation envelope enclosed politely asking for monetary support.

As we reached beyond the first month of the pandemic, L & D Mail Masters wanted to give back to Non-Profits, thus, Summer Show Up was born. Through July and the rest of the summer, L & D Mail Masters will highlight Non-Profit organizations in our community on social media and through an email campaign.

We know many Non-Profits are out there daily, through good or tough times, making our people and communities stronger. Essentially, Summer Show Up is a way to make sure they are not forgotten!

The list of Non-Profits in the 2020 Summer Show Up is diverse and full of opportunities to help. Some of these charities have remained open to some capacity during these challenging times as well. Be it providing scholarships, preserving nature, medical assistance and research, supporting women, children and families or the hungry, there are Non-Profits highlighted doing fantastic work from the heart.

If you know of a Non-Profit interested in executing a marketing campaign, reach out to L & D Mail Masters for a free consultation. If you need communication help, we have options!

Follow L & D Mail Masters on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with Summer Show Up. Feel free to share a positive story or learn about the many missions of the featured area Non-Profits.


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