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Summer of family bonding

June 22, 2020
Summer help at L & D Mail Masters has included close family members during a busy summer.
Summer help at L & D Mail Masters has included close family members during a busy summer.

Think back to your first paycheck, what the gig was and how hard you worked. Memories now, but the workplace drive set each of us forward to adulthood.

At L & D Mail Masters, this summer has brought on a few large projects for our production team and with that, came the hiring of summer help.

Family-friendly customer service has been a backbone of the L & D Mail Masters team in treating clients of all sizes with a great deal of care and precision. When it came to providing opportunities for summer work amid a global pandemic, L & D Mail Masters turned to family to aid on the production floor.

Joining the L & D Mail Masters team

Among the first to come aboard was the grandson of L & D Mail Masters’ owner/president Diane Fischer – Brennan Eurton. He has brought along some of his friends – Gavin Just and CJ Colley. It’s been a golden opportunity for Brennan to learn about working, but also spend some extra time with Diane, who routinely has lunch with her grandson.

Account Executives Jolanda Worrall and Candace Keller also have close ties joining the team. Worrall’s grandson, Austin Tyree, was looking for a job to save money for college. He recently graduated high school and jumped on the chance after his high school baseball season was canceled.

For Candace, her daughter McKenzie has hopes of saving for a vehicle. They ride to work together each day, creating extra bonding time.

“I’m proud of McKenzie’s hard work and the opportunity to spend quality time together during lunch.”

Candace Keller, Account Executive and mother of McKenzie Keller

Carley England joined the team this summer as well. Bound for Indiana University in the fall, Carley is planning to major in mathematics. She is the daughter of L & D Mail Masters accountant Felishia England.

“It’s a great opportunity for Carley to gain work experience and save money for college needs.”

Felishia England, Accountant and mother of Carley England

Similar to Austin, Kaden Bishop saw his baseball season halted and the upcoming high school football off-season schedule altered. His mother, L & D Mail Masters data specialist Tracy Bishop, suggested taking the opportunity to work in production. Kaden, who enjoys playing video games, is looking to save for a vehicle as well.

Another addition this summer, Liz Weidner, is planning and saving for a wedding. She met her fiancé Ricky Wigand while the two worked at Toys R Us. Now, they are work teammates again as they save for a Viking-themed day to share their vows.

The group has proven to be great additions thus far!


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