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Printing and Mailing Election Material

April 22, 2020

“Their professionalism and dedication to their customer’s success is what sets them apart from other printers.”

Michele Ann Graves, Johnson County Treasurer, Indiana

The “I voted” sticker is often a token of pride. People are always eager to press it onto a piece of clothing after casting a ballot in the primary and general elections.

Early voting, absentee voting, and vote-by-mail are ramping into shape for the 2020 election cycle. L & D Mail Masters can help you get timely information to the public. We are committed to preserve the election process as a sacred opportunity for each American citizen.

I voted sticker at election time.
The United States national election day is set for Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Printing election information should be accurate and accountable, which L & D Mail Masters can assure. Experience is on our side after working with county treasurers. We can accurately deliver property tax statements to millions across the state of Indiana.

The property tax season was a challenge with changes in government regulations and the COVID-19 pandemic. We were there every step of the way with government officials.

What government officials have said about L & D Mail Masters

“Nice job to you and your staff for the timely mailing of the property tax bills for DeKalb County. I am thrilled with the overall look and professional quality of them. You have a first-rate facility and I appreciate your attention to detail on everything.” – Sandi Wilcox, DeKalb County Treasurer, Indiana

“This tax season has been a nightmare and is directly attributable to the changes and complications put upon the counties by Indiana’s DLGF (Department of Local Government Finance). The COVID-19 pandemic only added to the hurdles that were in our path. If it were not for the entire staff at L & D and their ability to work closely with the DLGF, I do not think our tax statements would have made it out on time. (Sales representative) Kim Schmidt and the staff at L & D moved mountains to assist all county treasurers affected by the State’s changes. Their professionalism and dedication to their customer’s success is what sets them apart from other printers. I would highly recommend you consider L & D Mail Masters for any printing your office may need.” – Michele Ann Graves, Johnson County Treasurer, Indiana

Printing and Mailing Made Easy

To get there, L & D Mail Masters worked diligently with government officials to ensure:

Our production features barcode technology for trackability, along with an in-house checking staff to ensure the highest quality possible. Currently, L & D Mail Masters is trusted with healthcare information, utility statements, and tax statements. We keep information secure in a SOC 2 Type II Certified facility.

Our 180,000 square foot campus, where we get forms, signs, posters, envelopes, printed materials and more, may seem complex. But we actually simplify the mailing process. From the initial prep stages of design, to inserting and sorting, we execute and meet the highest industry standards. Each step of our process is shared 100% with the client to ensure on-time delivery.

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L & D Mail Masters first and foremost offers flexibility. As a result, when it comes to design and color to materials, we offer various options to each county.

Does accuracy, a strong reputation, experience, and a commitment to excellence appeal to you? In short, when we secure information in an envelope with the address of a registered voter, our system assures deliverability. You can always rely on L & D Mail Masters for printing and mailing your government documents and election materials.

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