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Meet Brian: Blog Writer, Graphic Designer

January 16, 2020

Joining L & D Mail Masters in November, my 9-year-old son had a worry. His concern: Dad wouldn’t be famous anymore.

Brian Smith photo L & D Mail Masters Graphic Designer Blogger
Brian Smith

I’m not a Kardashian. I’m not a Jonas brother (although my son’s name is Jonas, but for a completely different reason. Hint: Weezer, Blue Album). I certainly don’t have the skills of LeBron James or Tom Brady.

I’m Brian Smith.

For 15 years, I was a sports journalist, mainly covering a variety of high school sports. I spent a year in Southern Ohio before making my way to Southern Indiana. Being around gyms, tracks, fields, mats, and courts for that amount of time, I’ve come across many athletes and faces.

So, walking into the doors of L & D Mail Masters for the first time, I noticed some second and third looks. Maybe my son was right.

From day one to the moment I type this, I’ve learned a lot about the variety of marketing weapons L & D Mail Masters offers to clients of all sizes.

Through this blog, we plan to hit a variety of topics:

• Company insight

• New and existing products

• Latest innovative ideas

• Marketing plans

• Employee profiles and more.

Here is a profile about me. Born and raised across the river from L & D Mail Masters in Louisville, I made my way to Lindsey Wilson College (2004) in Columbia, to study English and journalism. While in college, I was involved in many activities. I was president of the Student Government Association, wrote for the student newspaper and was a member of the bowling team. You read that right, the bowling team.

From there, I worked at three different news organizations, but one stood out with the coolest name –– The Ripley Bee (Ripley, Ohio). A majority of my time was at The Corydon Democrat.

I’m excited about my transition to L & D Mail Masters where I’m part of a talented graphic design team.

My wife Sara and I spend free time outdoors as a family and with friends. Our two children keep us very active. Jonas is into baseball, cross country, soccer, robotics, reading and more. Eleanor, 3, emulates Moana, Belle and Cinderella along with zipping at not-so-safe speeds on her scooter. 

Both have skateboards, so our spring should be interesting.

Myself, some favorites in the sports world: Chicago Cubs, Louisville Cardinals, Tottenham Spurs, New England Patriots, and Lamar Jackson. Photography is an interest as well. I’ve shot sports action, portraits, families and weddings. While TVs get bigger and streaming is more readily available, I still enjoy attending rock concerts, plays and sporting events. A figurine of Ron Swanson sits on my desk as an ode to one of my favorite sitcoms, Parks and Recreation.

That is Brian Smith, writer and graphic designer, in a few hundred words.

I welcome ideas for the blog as well ( We will have contributors from time to time, but most of the posts will be from me.

I invite you to opt into our marketing e-mails for the latest in all-things L & D Mail Masters.


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