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Behind the Scene: IT, Programming departments

March 15, 2019

Meet the People behind the scenes. Our team exceeds 72 years of experience in the IT and Programming industry.

Sheree Byrd – 24 years – I love to problem solve and grow others around me. I enjoy that my job does not become stagnate and is very fast paced.

Rebecca Crecelius – 13 years – I love building something new, and seeing the project grow and develop. My favorite aspect of the job is seeing a piece that we mailed in my mailbox or seeing someone else get it – we produce things that the entire community sees and responds to.

Karen Walsh – 11 years – I enjoy discovering new ways to maximize our equipment for best usage and learning new Postal regulations and then implementing what I have learned. I like that my job is always something different. It keeps it exciting.

Ryan Weathers – 11 years – I like the variety of the projects I work on and the tools I get to use. I’ve learned about 10 different programming languages and have built websites, desktop applications and automation programs.

Brad Carlton – 7 years – Passionate about technology and security I like the responsibility. Every day is a different day filled with challenges and developing new ways to incorporate new technology

Tim Schumacher – 6 years – The thing I enjoy most is the challenge of finding creative ways to solve problems. Creative may not be the way most people think of programming but it does you a unique opportunity explore novel ways to do things. I would like to think of myself as a creative person, my first passion art and music. When originally started college, I was a fine arts major, and during my twenties played in a band. Here’s the proof:

Tim Schumacher playing in a band
Tim Schumacher

IT – Within IT you might think the computers on the desk or access to the internet, but it is SO much more.  We are learning daily to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Sometimes growth is painful, but it is our job to forge that road and get us where we need to go. 

Programming – Within programming we have web programming and application programming. L & D Mail Masters offers many different out of the box options for websites and webstores but when we have a custom request from a client it comes to programming to take care of our clients every wish and dream. Our web programming also dreams up what we offer to the client regarding approvals sites or customer portals. We have custom built many of our client’s sites from scratch, one of our largest most in-depth sites we manage is for one of our longest clients to place all their orders through. This system manages thousands of orders totaling over 8 million in a very short amount of time.  Application programming covers our MIS system.  We can customize it in any way desired.  This provides our company great flexibility and keeps us from being trapped in a box. 

Automation – To be involved in this process and watch it come to life is so entertaining.  Our number one goal is to identify any reoccurring manual task and eliminate human interaction.  This allows our employees the freedom to grow their positions because they are not strapped down to the tedious items that could have a mistake made on them.  Instead they can spend their time learning and growing.  Using both IT and Programming we can make some really cool things happen like receive an order from an online site, we push all of the necessary information to our MIS system and in the network.  When the order is ready an individual will pick up all the paperwork and put it together and it is ready for


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