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8 Ways to be a Successful Entrepreneur

August 2, 2018

You’ve heard the story on L & D Mail Masters—all it took was a $500 investment and a telephone for the company to grow into what it is now. L & D Mail Masters is now a 30-million dollar company located in southern Indiana servicing companies across the country. President Diane Fischer had an idea and a dream; an American dream by definition. Many schools are implementing entrepreneurial classes and work shop classes that allow their minds to run wild. We’re currently living in the age of start-ups and entrepreneurs, so here are 8 ways to become a successful entrepreneur based on the success story of L & D Mail Masters’ Diane Fischer.

  1. Identify Opportunities—Fischer realized there was a need for direct mail when she was in her former position. She never burnt bridges and took those clients with her into her business venture.
  2. Dare to Dream—If we had to choose just one way to be a successful entrepreneur, it would be this point alone: dare to dream! You can be anything you want to be and accomplish everything you like as long as you believe in yourself.
  3. Failing is Fine—No one wants to fail, but with failure comes learned lessons. Every business owner has made a poor decision or two in their time, maybe a poor investment. At the end of the day, do not throw the flag in just because you have failed. Take that lesson with you into your next decision.
  4. Be Self-Motivated—At the end of the day, this is your dream! Don’t rely on others to believe in your business venture as much as you do. Own it and put in 100%!
  5. Be Flexible—Quite frankly, some things are better on paper. Be sure to be willing to make some changes if things don’t work out the exact way you laid it out in the beginning. Entrepreneurs are always ready to adjust to setbacks and new trends.
  6. Be Consistent—Name an entrepreneur that became successful overnight or one that works 9 to 5 on their new business. Chances are, you can’t! Being consistent will allow you to drive your plans home resulting in success. Follow a schedule, make to-do lists and execute your plans.
  7. Form a Support System—Everyone needs a solid team, whether that is one person or ten. You won’t be good at everything, so allow your support system to pick up slack where you might lack even if that is just emotional support.
  8. Tune Out the Outside Noise—There will be some doubters along the way, but remember this is your dream.

Diane Fischer’s story is remarkable, but you could have a remarkable story as well. We hope these lessons will allow you to go after what you believe in and obtain your level of success. Remember, you’re always one decision away from living your dream, so dare to dream!


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