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Meet Our Newest Brand Ambassador – Secure Samson

July 26, 2018

Relate, Captivate, Cultivate, and Resonate—RCCR—has been L & D Mail Masters’ slogan for years now. We aim to create services that Relate, Captivate, Cultivate and Resonate with your target audience.

Secure Samson

When you see “RCCR,” you see our wholistic approach to communicating effectively with your clients. And now, there’s a new spokeseagle joining the team. We would like to introduce you to Secure Samson, L & D Mail Masters’ newest brand ambassador. He is a fluffy, proud eagle with years of direct marketing and security experience making him the perfect addition. He will introduce our clients to the data and facility security L & D Mail Masters holds as a priority for its customers. With a majority of L & D Mail Masters’ customers being companies for whom data security is a priority, Samson is speaking your language. 

With postcards, videos, comic books, social media and stuffed animals, he’s here to guide you through the secure statement process. From signing in to L & D Mail Masters’ campus located in New Albany, Indiana, to teaching the backend of secure data, showcasing the printing of statements, to inserting, the barcoder and delivery, Secure Samson will help you better understand the process of us producing your statements and keeping your clients’/members’ data in a SOC 2 Type II secured facility.

So, how’d we come up with Secure Samson? Well, as a direct mail company, our company works closely with the United States Postal Service. In fact, we have an on-site Detached Mail Unit with a USPS employee that helps get your statements in the mail-stream quicker. Samson has the United States Eagle in his ancestry report. He has the most out-going personality and willing to break-down any unknown process about direct mail and statement processing to those wondering minds. He’s friendly. In fact, Samson never meets a stranger. We could all learn a thing or two from Samson. When he is not breaking down security or making magic happen in the direct mail world, you can find him eating his favorite foods or doing the flap-wing shimmy dance. We are so happy to have him on our team. We guarantee he will help you understand the importance of security, will take your mailings seriously and most of all, he’s easy to look at while doing it!

Check out the First Episode of the Secure Samson cartoon here. If you’re interested further, contact one of our sales representatives to learn even more about secure statement processing, and you might even get your own stuffed Samson! We hope to hear from you soon.


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