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Small Business Week; The Reason You Should Care

May 4, 2018

L & D Mail Masters partnered with Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana years ago to help invest in student’s financial literacy. From someone who has gone into the classroom and taught these students a day’s curriculum on financial literacy, one of the biggest teaching points is: invest back into your community. Why? Well, because small business makes the world go ’round. This is why we celebrate Small Business Week: April 29th through May 5th. Pay attention, because more Americans are affected by small businesses than you might think. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), more than half of Americans own or work for a small business. It’s important to look at where you invest and consider switching business over to the smaller businesses who not only can offer that personal service but can help the economy thrive.

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It is important to celebrate those who take the initiative to start-up these businesses, as well. The Diane Fischer’s of the world. After all, entrepreneurs help create two out of every three new jobs in the United States, according to SBA. There are more entrepreneurs making significant impact than ever before. Celebrating Small Business Week is a boosted attempt to encourage others to start, strive and shop small business! After 31 years in business, L & D Mail Masters is model for the American Dream established in Southern Indiana. Are you interested in taking that leap? USA Today is offering a couple of options to help you with funding your future small business. Click HERE to learn more.


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