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Top Branded Promotional Products

March 1, 2018

Happy March! Can you believe we’re in the third month of 2018, already? Spring Breaks are around the corner, Easter will be here in no time, and so will all the conferences your company has booked for the year 2018. That’s right, it’s conference season. So, we are here to let you know what the top branded promotional products are for your upcoming conferences and trade shows.

Pop Sockets Image

Pop Sockets – The only way you’ve missed these is if you’ve been staying under a rock for the past 8 months. They’re on the back of phones everywhere. What’s their use? Well, ask the millennials, they’ll tell you they’re amazing for taking selfies. Others will find pop sockets as an easier way to text or prop up your phone. All you need to know is your brand can be on hundreds to thousands of phones around your region, because once people get their hands on them, they will—without a doubt—stick them to their phones.

Phone Wallet Image

Silicone Phone Wallet – Yes, another phone accessory. Think about it, phones are just an extension of people. Allow your brand to gain the visibility it deserves by being on the number one tool millions of people use daily. The phone wallets also stick on the back of phones, and allow the user to place their ID, credit card, business cards, etc. in them.

Security Webcam Cover – Who wants to stick a little sticky note on their laptop screens to cover their cameras? No one! Again, just another opportunity to be in the face of many daily, these branded promotional products are perfect. They’re small—which comes with a smaller price tag—and they’re popular!

Branded promotional products no longer have to be huge, instead, think about the opportunity to be in front of tons of faces daily. Technology makes the world go ‘round. L & D Mail Masters can help you lock down these branded promotional products for your upcoming trade shows. Contact us here.


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