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Hands-Off Direct Mail

February 16, 2018

There never seems to be enough time in the day. From meetings to catching up on e-mails and brainstorming your next brand initiative. This is the reason you need a partner like L & D Mail Masters. A company who will take care of all of your marketing campaigns from beginning to finish; not to mention a campaign that is multi-level. And when I mean take care, I mean fully take care of! With the implementation of our Web-to-Print store, your mailers will be approved online by you and printed as needed or printed and stored in our web fulfillment store for the next time you need them. Here’s how it works:

Susan is the Director of Marketing for National Pizza Chain. She contacted L & D Mail Masters to help her design business cards, post cards, flyers and coupons that are to brand standards. After designing, L & D Mail Masters’ Graphic Design Department post the materials to a secure web-to-print store before sending an e-mail blast to all franchisees within Susan’s pizza chain. Bill is a franchisee out of Kansas City, Missouri, and he is ecstatic to be able to finally order 175 business cards, 300 coupons and 50 post cards with his name, his store’s location and his phone number on them at his own discretion. It’s truly hassle-free and easy for everyone! Bill receives his marketing materials within days of placing the order. Susan and the other executives at National Pizza Chain are also thrilled because the web-to-print store ensures brand identity throughout EVERY single piece any of the franchisees need. Design, paper, color and everything in between will be quality assured.

With our web-to-print store, the pieces can be static or variable; they are unlimited sizes, quantities and paper stock. The web-to-print store is also perfect for branded promotional products. In addition to the brand identity standards, you can also implement a just in time inventory system or choose to print larger quantities and store them in our 71,000 square foot climate-control Web Fulfillment Center. Pick up the phone and call an account executive today to learn more!


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