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Employ Cost Cutting Techniques to Increase ROI

February 22, 2018

One of the greatest benefits of direct mail is its high open rate; another benefit is its high response rate. According to Hubspot, typical response rates for a direct mail campaign range from about 1% to 5%. Many executives are fueled more by return on investment (ROI) rather than response rates, though, they go hand-in-hand. While we can talk until we’re blue in the face about ways to have a monumental campaign using direct mail, we’d like to share ways to decrease the cost of your direct mail campaign resulting in a higher ROI. [It’s simple math. If Susie spends $5 on her Lemonade Stand to make $15, she will be happier if she is able to spend just $3.50 by employing cost cutting techniques in order to make that $15.]

  1. Choose a cost-effective postcard and/or envelope size. The United States Postal Service has higher rates for different sizes of mailings. Square mailers will be more expensive than #10 envelopes.
  2. Spend less on particular paper stock. Is that glossy stock necessary? What about the weight? Are these details vital to your campaign, yet unfriendly on your budget? Note, we are not in the business of talking someone out of a substantial campaign idea; we just are offering ways to cut the cost of a mailer while maintaining or growing ROI.
  3. Be labor-sensitive. Can a machine insert business cards into my marketing folder slot?  Personalization is absolutely easy using digital printing, but to be cost effective be prepared to use a 2D barcode to keep labor costs of the campaign lower.
  4. Employ transpromotional techniques for all of your statement processing campaigns. By printing marketing messages right on the statement, you can eliminate an additional buckslip in the mailer packet.

L & D Mail Masters will always provide multiple quotes when requested to show you options of keeping the costs lower while being effective with your messaging. If you’d like to find out how much your next direct mail campaign will cost and suggestions to cut your budget, call an Account Executive at 812-981-7161 today!


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