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The Importance of Adult Learning

January 18, 2018
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Have you ever looked back on your high-school self-reflecting on some key things you would have done differently? Maybe you would have done more extracurricular activities. Maybe you would have gotten involved with Student Government. Or, maybe, just maybe you would have taken education a bit more seriously. I know that’s what I would have done. Who knew scholarships were so important? You mean college had the potential of being completely free? Or, who knew that Typing and Excel class would have come in handy all these years later? How about those study hall hours? Yes, those! I should have used that time to perfect my note-taking and researching skills, because after all that never ends especially with all of the information available to us today. No, we can’t get those four years back, but we can now turn any regrets into action! After all, adult learning is even more important. We are giving you three reasons that holds true:

1.       You have a focus. According to a LinkedIn study, the average person makes four job changes before they turn 32. When you’re completing your undergraduate degree you really have no clue what you’re going to do in the professional world. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you do now. You have a focus in your research and studies, and it will directly impact your current position either by motivating you to implement something new or teach you a procedure your employer’s review suggested you follow.

2.       It makes you versatile. Never put the book down! In fact, pick up more books, be adventurous. Dive into topics you never seemed to care about before. If you learn more about your coworkers’ positions and responsibilities, you’ll be more versatile. The more versatile you are the more value you bring to your company and in turn the more value your company brings to your clients.

3.       Reading strengthens your health. Ever get so lost in a book; you forget what time it is? It is similar to running on the treadmill. You become the character, you are walking in their shoes and suddenly your stresses from the day have subsided. This goes hand-in-hand with overall health; the Harvard Business Review says a year of formal education can add more than half a year to a person’s life span.

Lifelong learning is a no-brainer! With the technology at our fingertips, we have better opportunities to learn at our own speed and capabilities than ever before. Get lost in a book about your craft, check out online resources like Khan Academy or Codeacademy, watch a Ted Talk or find a favorite podcast. No matter your learning style, there is something out there to help you be your best self and make you a better professional.


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