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4 Questions to Ask a Direct Mail Company

January 11, 2018

So, it’s the beginning of the New Year, and what better time to secure vendors and long-lasting partnerships than now? During any first date, you have to ask tons of questions to get to know someone. One thing leads to the next, and voila, you’ve found your soul-mate! Not much is different in the business-world. Treat your initial business interaction like a first date. You’ve already read up on the company. You’ve watched their company video, visited their website and viewed some of their products. Next is digging in deeper, building that relationship while asking the “right” questions to guarantee you’re entering a mutually-beneficial partnership! So, here are four questions to ask your potential direct mail company:

  1. What additional services do you offer? It takes an awful lot of energy to organize several vendors in order to accomplish your marketing goals. By choosing L & D Mail Masters as your direct mail vendor, you have an abundant amount of resources at your disposal: secured data facility, a graphic design department, a branded promotional team, web fulfillment, a USPS Detached Mail Unit, website design, and data solutions to show your return-on-investment.
  2. How can you effectively perform multi-channel campaigns? According to Salesforce, it takes 6 to 8 impressions to generate a true sales lead. As a direct mail company, it is important to understand a multi-channel approach. From the mailbox to email to social media channels, the consumer has to be hit by the same ad multiple times to accomplish worthy ROI.
  3. Can your company help us get postage discounts? I mean, if it doesn’t make cents, it doesn’t make sense. L & D Mail Masters is going to offer the most cost-efficient option for your campaign goals. We employ onsite programming and development team who uses the most up to date technology to execute your campaign with postage discounts. Because we have a presort operation on our campus, we are also able to commingle mail.
  4. What type of mailers can you handle? Back to the one-stop shop point from #1, if your mail house can’t produce a variety of mailers including those deeply data driven communications like statements or variable imaging you should maybe reconsider. Why deal with multiple vendors when direct mail companies like L & D Mail Masters can handle every piece of your mailings without sending your job elsewhere. Something as simple as in-house envelopes can make the world of difference to your bottom-line.

Open the door to communication that will wow your customers this year! Pick up the phone and get your questions answered by any of our specialists. Happy vendor choosing!


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