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Refuel For the New Year and Dare to Dream

December 8, 2017

How is it the end of the year already? While this month could be VERY unproductive with parties, snacks and Secret Santa’s, I would love to give you some suggestions as to how to make the most of what we have left of 2017:

  1. Start the morning with an industry-specific motivator. If you’re in the mail world like we are, be inspired by a breathtaking piece of mail you got a hold of. Look it over, how can you create something on that level for your client? When I was a reporter, I’d typically begin my day by watching a news story from one of the best in the industry. It’s encouraging to know what you’re capable of. Use this day to accomplish your next award winning piece of work!
  2. Write a daily to-do list. Don’t overdo it. When your to-do lists exceed five-plus items, it’s overwhelming and less obtainable. Forbes tells us to limit your daily to-do list to three items. (Click here for the Forbes article.) This way you’re prioritizing your time and action items.
  3. Post your goals. Whether professional or personal, a daily reminder is necessary. When you’re questioning your purpose, seeing the reason behind your hard work will keep your wheels turning. Oprah introduced the world to her secret a couple of years ago: vision boards. Watch this video on Steve Harvey and Oprah Winfrey’s discussion on vision boards. Your brain responds differently to images; your internal blind seer thinks in pictures. Plus, it’s a fun arts and crafts activity.

Don’t wait until the New Year to feel refreshed and brand new. Every day you get a new chance to start over. Meet those end-of-the-year goals! Tackle those to-do lists! Aim to beat the best in your industry! Dare to dream!


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