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October 19, 2017
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“Flats.” It is the most searched word this month on For those of you wondering what a flat is—a flat is a mail piece that is too big in at least one direction to be a letter. (See maximum flat sizes in chart) So, we’re talking 9 x 12 inch envelopes, 10 x 13 inch envelopes, magazines, etc., and the list goes on. The United States Postal Service classification goes from letters to flats to parcels. Now, you’re wondering what can L & D Mail Masters do for you, if you want to ship a flat? I’m glad you asked.

L & D Mail Masters offers automated flats, so you are still eligible for a cheaper rate despite your bigger pieced mailer. We know you like to stand out in your mailbox, so if you’re for it, we are too. L & D Mail Masters can also do automated matching for flats. “Read and write!” Our Epic machine can read the barcode on the mailer and spray your address on your flat sized envelope to increase accuracy and efficiency. 

L & D Mail Masters also houses a polybag machine. It’s catalog season, and we are equipped to deliver your bound publications safely to the end receiver.

From presentation to precision, L & D Mail Masters has invested in the proper tools to help you deliver endless choices of direct mail pieces to your prospects. Don’t be discouraged when your ideas are bigger than your typical letter. Your options are endless. Contact us today to start working on your next flat!


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