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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jill Peden

October 26, 2017
Jill Peden - Director of Business Development

Chances are, if you are familiar with L & D Mail Masters you are familiar with Jill Peden and vice versa. Peden is a jack of all trades, so it was no surprise when she was named Leadership Southern Indiana’s Young Professional of the Year. However, Jill was surprised. As L & D Mail Masters’ Director of Business Development, she embraces community involvement and enjoys every bit of networking and volunteering. In an effort to recognize her even more this week, here are 8 more things you didn’t know about our Director of Business Development, Jill Peden:

  1. Jill started as a temporary employee at L & D Mail Masters after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Indiana University. Fifteen years later, Peden is an executive.
  2. Jill likes to shop online. If addiction didn’t have such a negative connotation, we’d say she has a shopping addiction. She says if she can buy it online, she will.
  3. She has two nephews and a niece and adores spending time with them. Jill plans to spend her 40th Birthday in Disney with them.
  4. Jill’s motto: A Monster drink a day, keeps the doctor away!
  5. Peden has seen Pearl Jam live 27 times. To say they are her favorite is an understatement.
  6. She is a huge Hoosiers fan. One of her fondest childhood memories was watching IU basketball with her dad.
  7. At 37 years old, Jill says she plans to retire from L & D Mail Masters. She feels she belongs here because she learns something new every day.
  8. Born and raised in New Albany, Indiana, if New Albany had an ocean, Jill thinks she’d have no reason to venture away.

While she feels others were even more worthy, Jill is happy to have been named Leadership Southern Indiana’s Young Professional. Interested in getting to know more about L & D Mail Masters and what we can do for you? Contact Jill Peden here.


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