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Working Together: Sales and Marketing

August 17, 2017

The role of marketing departments in the business world has increasingly grown over the years. Companies worldwide have become more reliant on inbound sales opportunities. So, in comes the marketing department. The handoff should be an exciting one, but sometimes the sales team and marketing departments bump heads. It’s no secret; team work makes the dream work. Therefore, it is beneficial for every department to work hand-in-hand, especially marketing departments and sales teams. It’s time to remove the silos and work together. Here are some of the benefits:

Common goals and definitions: Everyone within the company will be able to work with the same data, toward shared goals. After all, if one department succeeds, we all succeed!

Consistent messaging: It will be easier to have consistent messages on all channels and campaigns. When consistent messages are shared, prospects and customers have a clearer, more consistent view of your business. It is much easier to partner with a company who seems to be on one-page across the board.

Accountability: Integrated sales and marketing automation leads to teams being accountable.

Complete transparency: The “blame game” is not existent when both departments are on the same page. Plugging data leaks with consolidation means that you’ll always know when, how and why a lead is qualified.

Saleshacker says, “If sales doesn’t understand what marketing does all day, and marketing feels the same about sales, the problem is a severe lack of empathy.” Communication is the glue that holds all teams together.

Set regularly scheduled meetings: Communication is the key to any relationship. Holding a regularly scheduled meeting with an agenda will open up the doors for communication between all teams. Discuss current projects, goals and suggestions; after all, collaboration always results in a better product.

Implement a lead sharing tool: No matter what database you decide on, implement a strategy to share logs on leads.

Combine rewards: You win, I win! If sales and marketing are working hand-in-hand for a reward rather than competing against each other, it will build the camaraderie between the two departments.

After all, marketers are at a huge advantage once they realize the sales team can help them tremendously. No one in the company knows the customer better than the sales team. Your salespeople will intimately know and understand your customers and their challenges. Go out there and communicate. Get all teams on the same page, this will only result in a stronger foundation for within your company.


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