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Blogs: The Trick to Gaining More Traffic

July 27, 2017

Everyone has a story and we can all learn something from someone. This is why blogs have become popular in the last several years. This type of literature is typically for quick reading and possesses tremendous voice. The trick is getting people to your new content and reading it.

L & D Mail Masters’ first blog was in February of 2015. It has been two or more years since we wrote our very own content to publish to the website. All of my fellow digital-marketers know, there is never enough traffic on your site. So, we are offering four ways to hit a homerun on your weekly or daily written content… (here’s the best part) for free!

  1. Retain and Maintain an Online Following – Posting your blog to all social media outlets is expected, however it doesn’t do any good if the following isn’t there. Become known in your online industry-led topics. Contribute more than sales-pitches, engage in conversation, and teach something. This will ultimately lead you to gain more followers, resulting in more hits on your blog posts.
  2. Interview Relevant People – So, who in your industry has thousands of followers and noticeably has a wealth of knowledge? Maybe it’s the CEO of the company you aspire to be. Maybe it is a journalist who has covered every angle of the industry you work in. Whoever it is, get with them and interview them. Write a blog around the interview and publish it. The blog will be enlightening and will offer your devout readers a different voice for a change. The next thing we can hope is that your interviewee shares the blog you wrote about them and you gain even more traffic.
  3. Offer Your Content to Industry PublicationsThere is no harm in offering your free, written content to publications in your industry. Often, editors are searching for more text for their papers or magazines. The more people to read them, the more publicity you earn.
  4. Reuse – No matter how good your blog is, no matter what time of day you post it, you will not get all the potential views. It is okay to repost your week-old, month-old and year-old blog. As long as it is still relevant content, these just do not expire.

So, what’s in it for you? Well, according to the 2016 Demand Gen Report, 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative. If it helps sales, it’s well worth it. That’s how we see it anyway. Be sure to keep up with L & D Mail Masters’ blog weekly. We try to bring the most applicable content for several industries we are a part of.


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