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Getting to know … Shannon Albee

September 9, 2020

An Air Force veteran, Shannon joins L & D Mail Masters as an account executive assistant

To be hired on during a pandemic can be a challenge, but for Shannon Albee, she’s taken the opportunity to join the L & D Mail Masters sales team with a quick understanding of offerings in the marketing world.

On the team as an account executive since March, Shannon has been learning the various aspects of L & D Mail Masters’ operation. Being a quality assistance to the sales staff and clients, Shannon brings a strong background to the table.

L & D Mail Masters account executive assistant Shannon Albee joins the team.
Shannon Albee, L & D Mail Masters Account Executive Assistant

An Air Force veteran, Shannon has lived in Florida and Montana. At one point, she was deployed to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. While deployed, Shannon took the assignment to brief nearly 30,000 boots on the ground. Public speaking is something Shannon enjoys, despite being an admitted introvert.

Although she has lived in different states, her bucket list item remains to go on a tornado chasing tour.

When it comes to dreaming of a super power, Shannon doesn’t opt for time travel, invisibility or super strength, she is all about communication. She’d love to be the ultimate polyglot – having the ability to speak and understand every language that exists.

Some other cool tidbits about Shannon, her favorite food is crab legs.

“If I had unlimited funds to enjoy it all the time, I would,” she said.

Her favorite drinks are Coke Zero and sweet tea and she’s a sucker for ice cream. One of her hobbies is dancing, which she taught while living in Florida. Shannon is also a licensed esthetician and professional makeup-artist.

Shannon loves family time. She is a mother to 1-year-old Talon, who she said was a surprise after five-plus years of infertility. Few meetings go by without Shannon smiling and sharing stories about Talon!

If Shannon were to win the lottery, she’d put her priority with her parents.

“I’d buy my parents their dream farm with a barn house for all they’ve done for my life,” Shannon said. Part of the sales team, Shannon is ready to assist clients to achieve a successful marketing journey.


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